Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A democracy??

In today's society it is becoming clear that equal rights is a smoke screen for the truth. We do not live in a democracy. The war over seas to help form a democracy is a scam.
Women are still a second class citizen in the US. For all the fighting the women before us did it was for little. Sure we can vote. BUT become a victim and see how fast a woman is pushed aside in favor of a man.

Women are still being raped by the justice system. No not a sexual act. Raped financially and mentally. It is okay according to the justice system to take everything from a woman and give it to a man. Even when the law is clearly written that it should be equal. It is okay to commit crimes against women we don't matter. Sadly the government turns a blind eye to this treatment.

There is no room in today's economy for this Good Old boy network. It is past time they make room at the table for all women!

I am looking for a true attorney to fright for justice.  

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