Saturday, June 2, 2012


So I have to say some people are off. Not sure what they are off of but they are definitively off. So here is why I say this. As you know my husband left me and moved in with his girlfriend. It will soon be a year that he left. Got the court date for the hearing to finish up that part of my life. I was not required to be there but I decided to go. SO GLAD I did. The divorce was on the docket and I kept an eye out for my soon to be ex-husband to walk into the court room. When court started and he and his lawyer had still not shown up I started asking question. Yes the divorce is on the docket. Yes it is scheduled for this morning. Okay so I do have the correct date and time. Strange he is not here as he filed. Okay so I call my lawyer and also speak to the Judges assistance. Can I get the divorce if I am here and have two witnesses and my lawyer since I am on the docket? Answer YES….Whoot lets do it!
I just have to contact his lawyer to notify him that it will not be continued but completed as you are present . Okay?
In rushes him and his lawyer and cancels the divorce petition. So now what? I have to file for the divorce myself. Sheesh I hope he is not thinking I will get back together with him LMAO
Now on top of all this silly acts His lawyer told the judge and my lawyer he is talking to the police about me being guilty of extortion. In the past 10 months I have only spoken with this man twice. Both times I was not alone for the short conversations. On December 23,2011 he called me. I returned his call . He wanted to come pick up the truck and Camper(the camper I was living in) without a judgement being signed. I spoke  to him the second time on May 28th ,2012 the evening before court to tell him I would be bringing him his keys in court. Call was 7 seconds long.  Now I am about ready to fall on the floor I am laughing so hard.

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