Thursday, April 5, 2012

Women of the US

Women are being raped by the justice system.  Sadly the government is turning a blind eye to this. Local, state and federal government.  There is no room in 2012 for the "Good Ole Boy Network". It is time that they make room at the table for all women.

 That being said I will explain  my feelings

.   I have recently learned that the justice system is not so honest. I have had my name forged on legal documents and when I discovered this I went straight to the local law enforcement. This is when I started learning the truth. I had to fight to be allowed to file a complaint to have the crime investigated. It has continued to be a fight for the guilty parties brought in even for questioning. I am being blocked at every turn to correct this issue.  The males are being protected while I (the victim) am being threatened for insisting on justice.  The FBI has brushed me off stating they don't investigate corruption. This without even looking at the evidence I have . Local news media have backed away. The metropolitian crime commission started  to show interest. After a week of speaking with the lady she went to her boss to setup a meeting. He refused to help two days later.

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